Friday, October 12, 2012

Clever Earring Frame

I have a ton of earrings. I have a standing jewelry chest with drawers. In one drawer are small compartments. When I remove a pair of earrings I drop them into a compartment. Due to the fact that I have a ton of earrings, there are several pairs in each compartment. So what to when I am trying to find a favorite pair? Or a particular color? Or just a matching pair??? 


I have discovered  a cheap and easy solution for storing my favorite earrings. It is my 'go to' place for the ones I wear most often. I don't have to dig through the drawer any more! And this project is easy enough for you to do the same!

Things you need:

(1)  picture frame - easel style or hanging style will work (I  used the easel style)
(1)  sheet of plastic canvas 

That's all!

1.  Take the back off of the frame and remove the cardboard, paper and glass.
2. Discard the glass.

3. Lay the paper insert onto the plastic canvas. Hold the paper and plastic canvas down tight with one hand and cut around the paper with the other.

 4. place the piece of plastic canvas inside the frame (just like it were the sheet of glass) and replace the back of the frame.

5. Your earring holder is now ready! You can try hanging a few pairs on to test it.

Now your earring frame is ready to put to use! Sit on your dresser or counter in easy reach to save time and energy looking for your favorite pairs of earrings!

Kitt Kat's Simple Tricks and Helpful Hints
  • Frames can be purchase new or used. Used is better because they are cheap! Look for them at garage sales, thrift stores or even dollar stores.
  • Plain-Jane frames can be painted or embellished with other craft materials.
  • The glass you remove needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap or layers of cloth or paper for disposal. Or it can be re-purposed in another project! (Even better!)
  • When cutting the plastic canvas, be sure to use the insert that is the same size as the glass you remove or it will be too small.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thrift Shopping - In the Mountains!

 Twice a year me, my aunt, and an assortment of girl cousins, head to the North Georgia mountains to get away for the weekend. We get away from work, husbands, kids and everyday boredom. We escape to the mountains for fun, relaxation, food and shopping! No malls, no departments stores. Its thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, estate sales and yard sales!

On this trip we hit numerous yard sales, several thrift stores, one benefit yard sale/BBQ, an estate sale, and the 4th Annual Loganberry Farm Garlic Festival.

I have a 17 month old grandson (Greyson), and a new grandson (Abel) coming on Sept 4, so I've been mainly looking for stuff for them. Clothes, books, toys. Here is what I found...
Toy Grocery Cart - $4.99 at Thrift Store. Greyson will have a ball with this!
Jay Jay The Jet Plane - .25 at a nursing home fund raiser
Mud Splashin' Shoes - $1.00 = Yard sale
Toy Train/Rattler for Abel - .50 Yard sale

       Cute tractor pajamas for Greyson....he LOVES all things, trucks, motorcycles...tractors!!!!

Book for the boys' library - .25 = Yard sale

                                                                  Toy Register $1.00 = Yard sale
Abel will sleep snug as a bug in this sleeper. Yard sale = .50
School bus with kids - $1.00 = Yard sale

Greyson will be the cutest monkey around this Halloween! (Yard sale = $1.00)

Mama loves zip up sleepers. 79 cents at a thrift store!

Toy Story hooded towel - $1.00 Yard Sale
Three pairs toddler shorts - .50 each = Thrift Store         

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping - August 5, 2012

Baby Abel will keep snug and warm in this zip up (his Mommy's favorite kind) sleeper by Gerber. Almost new - $1.00 at El Cheapos!

Greyson loves trucks and will love this Cherokee shirt in the fall! $1.00 at El Cheapos!

My grandson is adventerous so this shirt by Baby Q is perfect! El Cheapo's - $1.00.

CARS is his fave movie right now . . . he'll be wearing one of his fave characters at Christmas time! $1.00 El Cheapo's (Disney/Pixcar).

This warm medium weight jacket by Oshkosh was half off at Goodwill...that's only $1.49.Has mock shearling collar!

Found this like-brand new UGA jacket for $2.98 at Goodwill. Greyson says Ruff-Ruff!
And Koala Kids tough boy camo shorts for $1.00 at El Cheapo's!

Brand new earrings at El Cheapo's - $1.00!!!! The owner stocks all kinds of brand new costume jewelry. Mostly not my style...but I like these!

It was a good week of thrift shopping!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping - June 23, 2012

Do you thrift shop? If not, you need to try it!  Here are some thrift store and garage sale finds for the week!

Christmas Plates - set of four with cooridinating bowls and saucers. 25 cents each at the FISH thrift store - Loganville, Georgia.

Two Paula Deen hard back cookbooks - $1.00 each - FISH thrift store also!

Children's books - like brand new - clean, no writing on pages - 75 cents each - Goodwill, Lawrenceville.

Sconces - $2.00 for the pair. Garage sale.

Metal pinecone candle holders - .99 for the pair - Salvation Army Store - Covington. 

Thrift store shopping can be a lot of fun! You can find some real bargains! Of course sometimes you can get ripped off too. Make sure if you buy clothing to look for stains, missing buttons, tears and busted zippers. When buying other items look over the item carefully for tears, breaks, cracks, and missing parts. Things bought at garage sales and thrifts stores typically cannot be returned or exchanged. You can usually buy items for a fraction of it's 'brand new' cost. But Goodwill has really gone up on their prices and sometimes you can find the same items new at Walmart for a lower price! Just go thrifting...and have fun! Only buy items you can really use as it is or that you know you can re-purpose! Go with an open mind and you can find all kinds of cool stuff!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easy Cafe Coffee Drink!

Do you love the coffee drinks you get from Starbucks? Or even the cheaper versions from McDonald's or other fast food (fast drink) places...but hate the prices?

You can make a DELICIOUS version of these drinks in the comfort of your own a fraction of the cost! It's easy! Really! 

Just follow Kitt Cat's simple instructions for a YUMMY coffee delight!

You will need:

Instant Coffee
Boiling hot water
Flavored syrup
ice cubes
coffee creamer 
whip cream
chocolate syrup

First, you need some instant coffee. Regular or decaf...your pick!

Put two spoons full of instant coffee into a tall cup or glass. I use Folger's Decaf.

Add a tablespoon of flavoring. I like Torani's sugar free Classic Caramel. You find these syrups in the coffee section of your grocery store or Walmart.  They come in regular and sugar free vanilla, caramel and hazelnut!
Mmmmm - - - sometimes I add another 1/2 tablespoon of flavoring!

Next, add  three tablespoons of boiling hot water - for a stronger coffee taste, only add two tablespoons of water. I heat my water in the microwave for 2 minutes while I am assembling the other ingredients.

Now you want to add ice cubes...if your glass is tall...add about 10 ice cubes. If your glass is short, add only eight!

Now you have coffee, flavored syrup, hot water, and ice cubes.

The next step is to add some creamer...I like French Vanilla flavor! I add about 1 inch of creamer to my glass. Stir with a spoon!

Now, add some milk...filling the glass/cup all the way to the top!

Stir, stir, stir up the goodness!

Now comes the fun part! Add some whipped cream to the top!

Oh! I am making myself thirsty! Your creation is almost finished!

The final touch is a drizzle of Walden Farms Sugar Free - Calorie Free chocolate syrup!

The chocolate syrup makes it so special! And not a single calorie involved! You can find Walden Farms syrups on the grocery aisle with ice cream toppings!

Now, just pop in a straw and enjoy your Cafe Coffee drink! Sluuurrrpppppppp!!!  

Kitt Kat's Simple Hints:

*Make your cafe coffee decaf if you get the jitters
*Use low fat or sugar free creamer and whip cream 
*Use sugar free syrups
*Use whole milk for a richer drink...or low fat or skim milk for a lower fat version
*Occasionally I enjoy a coffee treat from Starbucks or McDonald's. When I do, I save and reuse my cup!