Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping - June 23, 2012

Do you thrift shop? If not, you need to try it!  Here are some thrift store and garage sale finds for the week!

Christmas Plates - set of four with cooridinating bowls and saucers. 25 cents each at the FISH thrift store - Loganville, Georgia.

Two Paula Deen hard back cookbooks - $1.00 each - FISH thrift store also!

Children's books - like brand new - clean, no writing on pages - 75 cents each - Goodwill, Lawrenceville.

Sconces - $2.00 for the pair. Garage sale.

Metal pinecone candle holders - .99 for the pair - Salvation Army Store - Covington. 

Thrift store shopping can be a lot of fun! You can find some real bargains! Of course sometimes you can get ripped off too. Make sure if you buy clothing to look for stains, missing buttons, tears and busted zippers. When buying other items look over the item carefully for tears, breaks, cracks, and missing parts. Things bought at garage sales and thrifts stores typically cannot be returned or exchanged. You can usually buy items for a fraction of it's 'brand new' cost. But Goodwill has really gone up on their prices and sometimes you can find the same items new at Walmart for a lower price! Just go thrifting...and have fun! Only buy items you can really use as it is or that you know you can re-purpose! Go with an open mind and you can find all kinds of cool stuff!


  1. Yes...I actually have a few more new ones also, not shown. One is a 'motion' book, have you seen those before? When you open the book the horse is galloping!