Friday, October 12, 2012

Clever Earring Frame

I have a ton of earrings. I have a standing jewelry chest with drawers. In one drawer are small compartments. When I remove a pair of earrings I drop them into a compartment. Due to the fact that I have a ton of earrings, there are several pairs in each compartment. So what to when I am trying to find a favorite pair? Or a particular color? Or just a matching pair??? 


I have discovered  a cheap and easy solution for storing my favorite earrings. It is my 'go to' place for the ones I wear most often. I don't have to dig through the drawer any more! And this project is easy enough for you to do the same!

Things you need:

(1)  picture frame - easel style or hanging style will work (I  used the easel style)
(1)  sheet of plastic canvas 

That's all!

1.  Take the back off of the frame and remove the cardboard, paper and glass.
2. Discard the glass.

3. Lay the paper insert onto the plastic canvas. Hold the paper and plastic canvas down tight with one hand and cut around the paper with the other.

 4. place the piece of plastic canvas inside the frame (just like it were the sheet of glass) and replace the back of the frame.

5. Your earring holder is now ready! You can try hanging a few pairs on to test it.

Now your earring frame is ready to put to use! Sit on your dresser or counter in easy reach to save time and energy looking for your favorite pairs of earrings!

Kitt Kat's Simple Tricks and Helpful Hints
  • Frames can be purchase new or used. Used is better because they are cheap! Look for them at garage sales, thrift stores or even dollar stores.
  • Plain-Jane frames can be painted or embellished with other craft materials.
  • The glass you remove needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap or layers of cloth or paper for disposal. Or it can be re-purposed in another project! (Even better!)
  • When cutting the plastic canvas, be sure to use the insert that is the same size as the glass you remove or it will be too small.

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