Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thrift Shopping - In the Mountains!

 Twice a year me, my aunt, and an assortment of girl cousins, head to the North Georgia mountains to get away for the weekend. We get away from work, husbands, kids and everyday boredom. We escape to the mountains for fun, relaxation, food and shopping! No malls, no departments stores. Its thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, estate sales and yard sales!

On this trip we hit numerous yard sales, several thrift stores, one benefit yard sale/BBQ, an estate sale, and the 4th Annual Loganberry Farm Garlic Festival.

I have a 17 month old grandson (Greyson), and a new grandson (Abel) coming on Sept 4, so I've been mainly looking for stuff for them. Clothes, books, toys. Here is what I found...
Toy Grocery Cart - $4.99 at Thrift Store. Greyson will have a ball with this!
Jay Jay The Jet Plane - .25 at a nursing home fund raiser
Mud Splashin' Shoes - $1.00 = Yard sale
Toy Train/Rattler for Abel - .50 Yard sale

       Cute tractor pajamas for Greyson....he LOVES all things, trucks, motorcycles...tractors!!!!

Book for the boys' library - .25 = Yard sale

                                                                  Toy Register $1.00 = Yard sale
Abel will sleep snug as a bug in this sleeper. Yard sale = .50
School bus with kids - $1.00 = Yard sale

Greyson will be the cutest monkey around this Halloween! (Yard sale = $1.00)

Mama loves zip up sleepers. 79 cents at a thrift store!

Toy Story hooded towel - $1.00 Yard Sale
Three pairs toddler shorts - .50 each = Thrift Store         

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