Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thinking Christmas!

It's only August, But I am already thinking about Christmas! It's time to think ahead to gift giving...if not about the gifts themselves, then the wrappings and gift tags! 

I love beautiful, green, silver, and gold papers. Silky ribbons and fluffy bows. I like store and bought, and hand made!

I also like EASY! Easy translates into gift bags!!!! All year round I keep the paper shopping bags you get at some stores at the mall and some gift shops. They are usually pretty sturdy and have either a paper, ribbon or cord handle. These can easily be transformed into cute gift bags for Christmas! Lets make some!!!

Also, I keep my Christmas cards and recycle them for this project!

Items to gather:

Bags (paper bags with handles gathered year round from shopping or can be found in craft stores and places like Walmart)
Last years' Christmas cards
Wrapping papers or scrapbook paper
Glue (white craft glue, spray adhesive, stick glue, or hot glue - your choice!)
Scissors (regular and special edging or scrap-booking scissors)
Hole puncher and/or other punches

Get Started!
1. Gather your supplies and designate a crafting area.

2.  Make tags by cutting out small pictures from the inside or back of Christmas cards...or the phrases from inside the card. Glue to a piece of scrapbook paper or card stock. Use scissors to edge the tag with zigzags or other shapes. Use a hole punch to make a hole for your ribbon.

3. Cut out pretty Christmas card scenes and phrases and glue to the front of shopping bags. . . making sure to cover up any advertising from the store. If needed, cover the bag with gift wrap first to cover large areas of advertising.

Color coordinate your cut-outs with your bags.

Large pictures on smaller bags makes a better use of your space.

Using scrap-booking scissors add a special touch...especially for square cut pictures.

4.  Add embellishments to your bags using stickers, glitter, colored glues, ribbons, sequins, and feathers.
Add a phrase or words from the inside of the card!

Glitter and Ribbon make the bags especially festive!

Experiment with your supplies.

5.  Don't forget to embellish your tags also! Again, different colored glitters and stickers add sparkle and flare. Outline the edge of the tag with a coordinating color of glitter. Use white glue and poor glitter over the card, over a paper plate. Dump off the excess glitter and let dry before going to the next step. Use a different paper plate for each color glitter. Reuse the excess glitter on the waste!

6.  Add ribbon to your tag....just cut a peice of ribbon about 8 inches long and thread it through the hole you have already punched. Now you have an easy way to attach the tag to a gift and it makes the tag even prettier!
Before embellishments.
After embellishments!

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