Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Affordable Home Decor

Need to fill in an empty wall or need a new focal point for a shelf? You need not look far if you have children...just start saving their best art efforts from school, daycare, or summer camp!

I have several finished framed art projects in my home, and several art peices that will one day find a home on my walls or on a shelf or dresser.

Items Needed to Make Affordable Home Decor:

*Drawings, paintings, prints, etc. from your child, grandchild, neice/nephew, or a friend's child
*Scissors or craft knife
*scotch tape


*Choose your piece of art you wish to display in your home.
*Find a frame that is large enough to accommodate the art without having to trim away important parts
*Trim as needed with scissors or craft knife
*If possible, add a mat that coordinates with colors and/or textures in the art piece
*Attach the art piece to the mat with scotch tape if needed
*Place the matted art piece in the frame and display!

Simple tips:
~Use drawings or paintings that fill up a page, or use several smaller drawings to make a collage
~Use a coordinating mat color...if the art piece has small amounts of red, use a red mat to bring out that       
   vibrant color
~Have your artist sign and date his creation if not done so already
~If you need art, have an art party with your kids! Provide paper, paints, brushes, crayons, pens, etc.

                                                                               crayons-10th    grade

My display of Affordable Home Decor, located in my kitchen. The shelf was purchased at a garage sale for $3.00 and painted green to match the greens in my kitchen. The Apple clock was a gift from my Mom, ordered from ABC catalog, about $10.00. Other items collected from garage sales and thrift stores.

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